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Today’s history lesson includes…. October 24, 2011

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 Many Craddle Catholics, born into the faith do not know what they truely believe, and many of them just go because the only thing they know is that, church is good, whether or not we enjoy it. More often then not couples of mixed Catholic and Protestant faiths, end up not getting married Catholic, but rather taking the easier road, and head down to the Protestant spouse’s church that, is less work. 50 years ago, if you were Catholic and were engaged to a Protestant, 8/10 times, the Protestant converted to Catholicism. How times have changed. I’ve come to the conclusion on how I feel about the differences in Protestant and Catholic doctrine. The heart and soul of the Christian faith are present in both sides. However, the Catholic church has studied so deep into the faith  from long ago when scholars used to study day in and day out, that ever part of the mass is directly related to different parts of the Bible itself. In fact, the church goes through the entire Bible in 3 years using the Missal, a book comprised of what each week’s readings, feast days and psalms were. The faith is almost taught as if everyone should know the basics already, and we go right into the ritals and traditions of the church, with less focus on the written word of God. The written word is there, but is “hidden” under the traditions. Protestants on the other hand, use the written word, and only the written word. I can still remember certain Bible passages from when I was Lutheran, because you had it drilled into your head. Here is my thoughts on this; I believe that the Catholic church is for the most part right on all teachings, if not all. But I feel that the Catholic church is the “High School” of Christianity. If you were to start a student out in high school, he or she would not succeed without the history of the education you needed in elemetary and secondary school. This is where the Protestant side comes to play. They are a great beginning to any new Christian, or even an old Christian that needs to know the basics of the faith. The Catholic church has all of the same beliefs, but more extended and in depth. Without the Protestant Reformation, there may still be lots of people in this world that don’t know what they believe. It’s sad that many families just believe blindly, rather then looking into the beliefs.

I’ve heard it multiple times, that convert Catholics seem to be better Catholics then the spouse ( if any) they marry. I’ve did my research on this subject, and what I’ve seen, it seems true. My friend grandparents, on both sides, one was a Lutheran Man who married a Catholic Woman. The Catholic Woman has since passed, but the now Catholic Man is still into the Catholic faith more then she even seemed to be. Same thing on the other side of the family. He was a Catholic man, married a Lutheran Woman, she converted. He has since passed, but she is deep in the faith. I think the reason is, is that to become Catholic, you have a lot to learn, and because you have that Protestant background, it makes it easier. I think that this is why I am such a strong Catholic. Although there are a few things I disagree with the church, it still has stood the tests of time.  When I get to the pearly gates, and have the opportunity to ask God myself, I’ll find out myself.

Tell me your thoughts. This is not a rip on Protestant churches, I’m giving you kudos for your Biblical, and Biblical only reasoning, however I don’t understand when I see Protestants that rip on the Catholic church for “adding” books to the Bible. The Bible was put together by Catholic men and woman. It was Martin Luther, that took 7 books out of the old testament. These same people that complain about this, are the same ones that celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day,& St. Patrick’s Day. They also tend to be educated men and women, and when sick, use hospitals…all of these things we’re started by the Roman Catholic Church. Even if you don’t agree with your history, remember the Catholic church is apart of it, and has brought you to where you are today. Without this church, you would not have yours.


As I said, what are your thoughts, and no need to hold back, I’m all about discussing the faith within reason, and no need for fights.


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