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Dying you destroyed our Death, Rising you restored our life… April 25, 2011

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 Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen, Indeed! There is no better way of saying it, He is Risen!

This was my first complete Holy week in the Catholic Faith, and let me tell you it did a number

on my emotions. Beginning Maundy Thursday, when the priest took the Real Presence of

Jesus in the Eucharist out of the Tabernacle, I started to feel “abandon” from God. Good

Friday, I started the day out at work. It was drizzly and very “down” weather, which was

honestly good, I thought, I thought about Christ death the whole day! Even at work, I didn’t

feel the energy to do anything, I felt that I should not be doing work on Good Friday, it’s the

holiest day of the year. My co-workers seemed as though it was just another day. To many of

them, it was, not being a member of any religious affiliation, but the ones that surprised me

the most was the good Catholics and other Protestant faith believers, and how it did nothing to them. Maybe it’s another example of

me over thinking things. I truly felt down all day, as if God had forsaken the world. I went to bed early that night, and knew I had to

get up early to deliver the Easter flowers to St. Patrick’s in Stiles, and Holy Trinity in Oconto. Once I got the flowers delivered, and

started decorating the churches, I began to feel the peace of God again. I also had the opportunity to bring a fellow friend, a United

Church of Christ minister, who is out of the position of pastor, but rather writing a book right now about church closure. I brought

her to both the Good Friday Tenebrae Service at St. Patrick’s in Stiles, and then to Easter Vigil at Holy Trinity. I was surprised to find

her comfortable with the different prayers, traditions, veneration of the cross, the litany of the saints, and even the Eucharistic part

of the Mass. She did not partake in Communion, but I kind of observed her all night, and it was as if she was Catholic as well. Not

many people, who are non Catholic can feel comfortable to sit, stand kneel, and practice the Catholic faith, because there is a lot of

background knowledge you need to know to understand it. My Easter day consisted of Church in Stiles in the morning, and spend the

day at my friend, Erin’s house and spent Easter with them. My family does not get along long enough to have holidays, it’s always

something. Since highschool I always went to Erin’s house, or another friends house for the holidays. It’s sad to say, but I don’t feel

the holiday cheer nor joy when I am at home. I feel more anger, depression and anxiety. We finished of the day with going to see

Madea’s Big Family Reunion best movie ever I feel, it has lots of humor and also good, powerful Christian messages!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and pray that all felt the same joy I felt this morning as the woman and disciples felt that first

Easter morning.

(Here are some pictures of the two churches I decorated for Easter)


One Response to “Dying you destroyed our Death, Rising you restored our life…”

  1. Gail Irwin Says:

    Adorning the chancel with flowers is a great way of celebrating Easter. I”m so glad you got to share that gift with your churches.

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