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The King of Glory comes the Nation, Rejoicing… April 18, 2011

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 Imagine being there in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday when Christ rode in on a

donkey, of course it wasn’t referred to as Palm Sunday then, but what if you were

one of the towns people, waving your Palm Branch as the King of Kings rides

through your town. Being a Jew, they did not see Jesus as being a King, but rather

a nu-since to the faith. The same gate that is in Jerusalem, also known as the Golden

or East Gate, still exists today. Although it is no longer a gate in which anyone can

enter through. Turks, out of hatred for both Christianity and Judaism, bricked up

the gate and buried dead in front of it, creating a cemetery. Since both

faiths believe that the Messiah would enter through the gate, Christians believing

Christ entered through it and will return through it, and Jews believing the Messiah

has yet to come, they thought that blocking it out, neither would be fulfilled. Jews will not cross an unclean cemetery and they

believe that a the Messiah will not cross it either. Christians believe the Christ came, and bricks nor  headstones will keep his second


What was the feeling of Jesus as he rode through the town, did he take it in like a super star. No. Was he distressed knowing he would

have to die for the same people waving these branches, that soon would turn on him? No. Instead he rode in both with majesty and

also honor. He was humble. He was Jesus the Christ. The same Palm branches we receive each year are the ashes for the next year

Ash Wednesday. Palm Sunday begins holy week.  Many have church every night of the week, remembering a different aspect of

Christ final days and hours before his torturous death, he had to suffer for our sins and deeds. May we all remember the price He

paid for all of us. Jesus paid a bill he did not owe, we get to keep the change.


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