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where is the love…. April 4, 2011

Filed under: Faith — kuya201 @ 6:26 pm

In the past few months, there has been much talk about the Florida minister plotting to burn the holy book of the Muslims, theKoran. It was a big deal the first time around months ago, and many threats were made about it. I sat and watched the news intently studying what was all happening. I was so angry about  it, but at the same time what can you do? Our solders and citizens are endanger now because of this. If someone was publically going to burn the Bible, or desecrate a statue or something along those lines, I would be just like the Muslims and be upset. Actually, I was searching YouTube one day and came across a video of a Baptist Church that had a St. Therese Statue in the front of the church, ( claiming it was a statue of the Virgin Mary)

They were going on, and on about how Catholics pray and worship Mary and statues, how we believe it to have special powers.He then took a sludge hammer and destroyed the statue of St. Therese. It hurt know that a wonderful statue was being destroyed, an object that give another person a visual to focus on while praying and thinking about how to live a life for God.  Just to clear up this, we don’t worship statues and we don’t worship Mary. We honor her as the holy Mother of God ( God being Jesus, the second person of the Trinity) We ask her, like we would ask someone on earth, to pray on behalf of us to God. She, and the other saints are the closest way of prayer there is to God. That being said, we do pray to God directly. Anyway, as I was saying, I don’t exactly believe the belief of Islam, but I do understand they’re hatred for Christians, because of this minister. Many Americans feel the same way about Muslims, ever since the terrorist attacks. Muslims do have a different belief than Christians. They reject Jesus as the Christ, but only see him as a prophet, just like Jews. Jewish people reject Christ as the messiah, some accept him as a prophet, some reject him all together. They have there beliefs, we have hours. I don’t believe we should judge another by the color of their skin, the faith in which they profess, their sexual orientation or any other reason to hate. Christ says in the book of Matthew to love thy neighbor as thy self. He put away with the separation between Jews and Gentiles, basically in smaller words, allowing us to speak with those of another creed. without religious tolerance, we will create more enemies than friends. Even the Pope goes and visits with other faith leaders, why can’t we should compassion for those who don’t know Christ?


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