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Talent pays off… March 28, 2011

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About mid-year sophomore year, we had to decide what classes we would be taking that year. I had filled all my alternative elective classes with art classes and had one more class to fill for first semester. I looked over everything and ended up taking floriculture,whatever the hell that was. I soon found out that it was the best thing to happen to me.At first the class was boring learning about the names of the flowers and plants and having to landscape was eh, ok. We then

began to design more and more with cut flowers, and making bows and what not, and ended up teaching the teacher alot of things. I would bring the books home and read them and get ideas and watch videos how to do this or do that. Every since I was little, I was ALWAYS ALWAYS into the holidays, like decorating and what not. I even go back every year to help teach how to make wreaths and arrangements and kissing balls for Christmas.

This opened a door for my future as well. I had applied at the Flower Shoppe II in Oconto Falls right after that, and then my senior year they called to see if I was interested in a job there. I only worked nights and weekends there, so I didn’t get the most knowledge about the computer system and phones like I should have but, it was a great start. I made a wonderful friend there, and am still friends with Lori. We are so much alike! We both learn new ideas and techniques from each other and steal each others ideas ( Yes, this is how creativity comes into play- Creativity is only as good as your hidden sources)

In May of 2008, after Mother’s Day she layed me off because the Summer’s are so slow up in the Falls, so I looked for other employement, but I still go there and get ideas and giftware because they have so much nice stuff to choose from. You want creativity, you go to Oconto Falls!

I now work for Schroeder’s Flowers in Allouez. It is the largest flower shoppe and green house around the area. I started last March there, and don’t really have a department because I can do it all ( No arrogance intended) I design the sales floor, I work in Wedding, I can do Funerals, Everyday Fresh Flowers, Holidays, Plants, Dish Gardens, Blooming Green Combos, Silk Arrangements & wreaths, and also answer phones and take care of customers. I have modernized the store much and also brought lots of color in. People specifically come in and ask for me, so I feel that I am doing a wonderful job, and even if others there don’t want to see it I feel like I was an investment they never will regret.


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